Who are we?

We aquaregia always make a healthy life with new ideas

Now more than half the households of N. Maharashtra and the people around always drink clean water, enjoy a healthy and pleasant life. All these sounded like a dream just 20 years ago, however, we have made them part of the daily life. The water purifier was once seen as a luxury because it was not a household product like the refrigerator and TV. That is why we started renting the expensive product for a small fee for the first time in the industry to enable many people to drink clean water. We recognized that our customers want their products to be kept clean. So we adopted DJ service, our service professionals, for the first time again in the industry.

Always with new ideas, insights into people and the customers who recognize our sincerity. We are rewarded by our esteemed customers with what we have achieved. However that is not enough to keep our heart beating. Does good technology make you healthy? Can what we do now make your family happy for a long time? This is why we care about invisible values. We do care about the essence of water. We believe that making people healthy is what we can do best, so we challenge today with our sincerity.


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